Analyst Team

Our team of seasoned analysts  comes from both corporate and factoring backgrounds, each with over 20 years experience.  They have industry “insider” status, with heavy interactions with suppliers, factors and buyers.  Extra exposure is obtained through trade credit group involvement.  Our analysts include some of the most sought out subject matter experts for the industries they cover.  Our Chief Credit Officer, Bob Carbonell, is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable analyst in the retail industry.

The Credit2B network community includes our veteran industry analysts who are connected with a wide network of contacts in their respective industries.  They are your “Experts on Demand”, available to you when needed for credit opinions, alerts, and just about any question on credit and all significant accounts are analyst-reviewed.  We believe having real credit experts by industry connected through our platform provides a layer of intelligence unparalleled in the industry. 

Bonnie Gerrity

Bonnie Gerrity is the leader of the Credit2B analyst team, in addition to serving as the Vice President of Product at Credit2B.  She has been with the Smyyth family of companies since 2006, most recently as Director of Credit Solutions where she focused on product development and client fulfillment.  In her role as the Credit Analyst Team Leader, she offers her analyst team senior guidance and oversight as well as serving as an expert to Credit2B clients on broad US macroeconomic news, trends, and issues.  More importantly, as part of the core product design team, she understands how the analysts integrate with the product and processes.  Prior to joining Credit2B, Bonnie served in senior credit policy, analysis, and underwriting roles for leading commercial banking organizations, including PNC Bank and Midlantic National Bank.    


Giuseppe Zufolo

Giuseppe (Joe) Zufolo serves as Director of Credit overseeing the firm's credit policy and risk rating standards.  He is an accomplished credit practitioner with a strong background in financial analysis, risk management, and systems integrations. Before joining Credit2B, Joe was employed for over 26 years by Nine West Holdings, preceded by The Jones Group Inc, in various roles within the corporate credit department.  He started out as a Credit Analyst and later moved on to Assistant Credit Manager, Credit Manager, and for the last six years, he was the Director of Credit.  As a Director of Credit he managed a group of analysts and a large portfolio of customers with approximately $ 2.8 billion in sales, at the wholesale level.  

Joe’s expertise has been to identify, initiate and enhance opportunities for credit risk optimization. He has unique abilities to pro-actively identify and avert credit risk by constantly monitoring general economic trends and credit profiles of businesses with deteriorating financial metrics.

Prior to The Jones group, Joe spent several years as an Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Manager for Thomas Scientific.  Joe is also an IRS Registered Tax Preparer and has had his own seasonal accounting and tax services business for over twenty years. Joe holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Temple University’s Fox School of Business .


Jaime G. Palanca

Jaime Palanca is a Senior Industry Analyst at Credit2B, with primary focus on the food and drug industries.  Jaime is an experienced professional in the areas of credit analysis as well as credit and collections management.  Prior to graduating with an undergraduate degree in Business Economics and Finance from De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines), he was an adjunct lecturer in financial analysis and investment management.  Jaime’s corporate experience draws from over 25 years of experience across diverse industries including banking, electrical products, pharmaceuticals, apparel, industrial products and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Jaime’s most recent position prior to joining Credit2B was as Director of the Credit Risk Management Group at Playtex Products.  Jaime joined Credit2B in 2009 and holds an MBA in Finance from Fordham University.

Tom Dibuduo

Tom Dibuduo is a Senior Credit Analyst at Credit2B, providing expert analyst services across a broad range of US industries.  Tom brings with him dual strengths and expertise in both the retail and factoring domains.  Prior to joining Credit2B, Tom served as the Director of  Finance and Collections at One Step Up.  He also served in a credit management role at the Ironhorse Bicycle Company.  His deep experience base also extends to the commercial factor segment, where he served as the Senior Credit Officer at GMAC’s Commercial Finance Factoring Division, as well as management roles at CIT, HSBC, and Capital Factors. Tom joined Credit2B in 2012. 

Bruce Scroger

Bruce Scroger is a Senior Credit Analyst at Credit2B.  Bruce is a seasoned veteran in the credit field, with experience across a broad range of public and private US companies.  His history includes serving as the Director of Credit at Maidenform, as well as senior credit management roles with firms including W. Seitchik and Sons and Trimfit.  Earlier in his career, he also provided business analysis and service consultant roles at Dun & Bradstreet.  Bruce has been with Credit2B since 2012. 

Judith Consomer

Judith Consomer is a Credit Analyst at Credit2B.   A seasoned credit analyst generalist, she provides credit analysis services for Credit2B clients across a broad range of US industry sectors. Judith has significant experience working for global banking and financial services firms, including Newtek Small Business Finance, Banco Popular North America, Arab American Bank, and NatWest Commercial Services.  Judith joined Credit2B in 2012. 


Samantha Patel 

Samantha Patel is a Credit Analyst at Credit2B.  Samantha provides expertise and insights for Credit2B clients for multiple industry segments.  Samantha’s background is concentrated in the financial services and technology arenas.  Prior to joining Credit2B, Samantha’s experience includes serving as a Senior Credit Analyst at the HP Financial Services Corporation, as well as providing credit analysts roles in leading global banking industry firms that include PNC Commercial Finance, First Union National Bank, as well as a number of operational support roles at Barclay’s Bank of England.  Samantha has been with Credit2B since 2012.