Our History and Focus

Launched in 2013 from a business that had been around for decades, Credit2B is a ground-breaking, cloud based platform that combines third party credit bureau and financial information with what we call the Intelligence of the Community™, a global network of the thousands of leading credit professionals and credit grantors with a common interest in accessing better credit insights about their common customers.

In 2016, we pioneered online credit apps SNAP™ that seamlessly connected our trade suppliers to their business customers through web portals. SNAP™ complements Core Credit2B product and helps not only source more information for a credit decision but make it faster, cheaper and safer than ever before. More recently, with the explosive growth in low-cost, scalable technology and the advent of open source data, we deliver sharper insights to our clients like never before.

Our focus is embodied in these major business trends - a commitment to innovate using breakthrough technologies such as machine learning, customer collaboration and the power of supplier networks.

Through all of this, our objectives have been unwavering: we strive to raise the industry standard by providing our clients more timely, relevant and highly accessible credit information at affordable prices. Our team culture thrives on high energy thinking and a passionate belief that we can delight our clients by driving positive change. We come from varied backgrounds but we have one common vision.