End-to-End Credit Application Automation

  • Accelerate customer on-boarding with an online credit application under your own brand

  • Minimize manual input and entry errors and improve speed by 100%

  • Integrate workflow tools with credit policy and customer data

  • Manage applications with a credit management dashboard

  • Verify bank and trade references right in the online credit application system

  • Capture customer financials and stream them into scoring automatically

  • Get customer e-signatures on the application, guarantees, etc.

  • Produce a complete online credit file, with e-credit application, credit report, references, decision support.

  • The credit application workflow manages the process from point of sale to a decision.

Review this document for more information on this subject.  

Your sales & credit channel to the customer 

  • Authenticate and communicate with your customers

    through a branded, interactive portal
  • Use of consistent legal names for active registered business
  • Automate the bank and trade references
  • Input information into simple form with customizable fields and submit through e-sign


Manage your internal process

  • Communicate through live chat and email with your credit and sales team and the applicant
  • Auto alert all stakeholders on the progress of decisions, with reminders to review the application periodically
  • View comprehensive applicant information along with trade risk scores, red flags and exceptions
  • Approve, edit or decline the credit levels along with automated or manual escalations based on credit policy


Track departmental performance

  • Monitor your credit applications process through a

    productivity dashboard
  • Trend the risk in your company's credit applications portfolios
  • Integrate applicant's data into your enterprise system where needed
  • Move approved apps to monitored customer portfolios of your choice 


View Steps to an E - Credit Application



 *Your data is protected in a highly secure hosting environment that is built to shield your customer's most sensitive information both in terms of physical access to the server facility as well as the cyber security which is delivered through 24x7 monitoring of our firewalls and
networks using best-in-class service providers.  This platform and our technology partners collectively are Service Organization Control (SOC) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant which means they are certified to protect this information*