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September 19, 2017

Cash Velocity Measurement

Your participation in a large trade credit interchange such as Credit2B, offers you the ability to compare how customers are paying you vs. your same-industry peers, both at the individual customer level as well as the portfolio level. This is...READ MORE

August 28, 2017

Machine Learning Credit Scores are a Reality

Recent advances in large-scale data acquisition, transmission, and storage have created unprecedented volumes of available data. Furthermore, with constant growth in the computing capacity, it becomes possible to leverage these data volumes efficiently. At the same time, there has been rapid progress in the development of sophisticated algorithms...READ MORE

July 15, 2017

A Best Practice -E-Signatures and B2B Credit Applications

Businesses today routinely use e-signatures to streamline and speed commercial transactions. However, we still sometimes get a question as to whether electronic signatures are binding in the United States and Globally.  The following basic rules and practices has been provided...READ MORE

July 7, 2017

ROI Considerations For Credit Application Automation

Our industry-leading clients, including Danone in foods and Melissa & Doug in toys, will attest that Credit2B Snap™ , our advanced Cloud Credit Application System can reduce the credit cycle time from more than 5 days to under 1 day. This includes the bank and trade credit references, tax certificates, cred...READ MORE

June 28, 2017

Business Credit Scoring Best Practices

8 Reasons to Use Credit Scoring
There are excellent reasons to incorporate automated credit scoring in your credit (and collection) operations, including faster and better quality decisions, enhanced customer service, more effective compliance and controls, and significantly reduced overhead. Employing credit scoring...READ MORE

June 21. 2017

Credit Management Automation Trends

1. Commercial credit scoring algorithms will use "machine learning" technology to integrate real-time data trends and human decisioning (and even get close to how a company makes decisions).   2. Commercial credit insights will draw from data …READ MORE

June 1, 2017

Best-of-Breed Automated Credit Applications

Online credit applications are relatively new and even the simplest offer a browser-based application filled out by the customer and then processed by the creditor (but usually completed off-line, manually).  This may work for very small companies, but companies with large numbers of customers need an automated, end-to-end solution.  A state-of-the-art credit application system has rich, complete features; the easiest way to explain it is...READ MORE

May 25, 2017

12 Credit & Collection Best Practices

Managing a Credit and Collection Department can be complex, but at the root of it, there are a number of best practices that, if implemented, will help you achieve excellent financial results..
All employees need to understand the mission and objectives of the credit department, so they deliver a consistent message to the customers, and properly represent the “culture” of your organization. Just as with customer ... READ MORE

February 10, 2017

Calculating Bad Debt Reserves

For  most companies, calculating Bad Debt Reserves is not a super-complex affair, but should always be approached with a consistent methodology from period to period. Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) requires that a Bad Debt Allowance (BDA), which is a forecast – an estimate of future bad debt write-offs, vs. just directly writing off bad debts as they occur. The BDA can be estimated using one or a combination of factors, including... READ MORE

December 10, 2016

Trade Credit Insurance?

Credit Insurance can be a viable alternative for smaller companies whose lenders require it, or those that do a lot of export business. One of the most important things to look at is a particular insurer’s...READ MORE