Factors Are Unique

Factors have unique challenges - they check credit for tens of thousands of accounts, often in disparate industries; have a very low tolerance for credit losses; require a low expense structure, plus their clients expect extremely fast response.

Services For Factors

Credit2B is the largest aggregator of factor accounts receivable data, with over 60 factors contributing, including all of the largest national firms.

We analyze and score the data and provide robust reporting, by EDI or online, on demand.

When combined with our credit bureau data and our trusted peer network solution, Credit2B is a complete solution for factoring companies.

    • Data Interchange and Scoring

    • Comprehensive Reporting

    • Internet Credit Management System

Please contact our factoring team if you would like a brief demonstration.  Implementation is easy and very cost affordable.

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"The report format, interactive platform, and ability to view not only what other factors are doing on our customers, but also  view information from manufacturers and suppliers we've never had access to before, all made moving to Credit2B a no-brainer.  Their responsiveness is unparalleled, and the platform gives us access to all the information needed to make a credit decision in one, convenient package."

Dave Conley

Executive Vice President and National Credit Manager

“I find the Credit 2B credit reporting products to be one of the best in the industry. Their reports provide information that is important to us and their daily alerts assist us in reacting quickly to negative news, changes in management/ownership, bankruptcy etc. Their team of experienced industry professionals, are both friendly and responsive. I highly recommend them.”

John La Lota

Division President 
Factoring & Trade Finance