Your Network

"The Intelligence of the Community"

A Supercharged Network

We know that the most timely and relevant trade information about the credit risk of a
customer resides in the experience of other trade suppliers .  

Credit managers have relied upon their "community" of industry contacts for reference validation.  This may include your industry credit group, and a few connections you rely on in other geographies.

Credit2B supercharges this simple idea by automating and exponentially expanding this network intelligence,  so you obtain your credit information from resources you trust when you need it, without having to call around.

To take advantage of the "Intelligence of the Community™", we created a powerful yet easy-to-use patent-pending technology that identifies and seamlessly connects you with other suppliers that share customers with you.

Make Connections

You select connections you want in your industry  and outside. 

We rank them based on commonality of customers.

Your comprehensive business profiles with your network's trade experiences and alerts continuously streaming into each profile.

Over 2,000 credit professionals already use Credit2B.

Download a concept document that highlights the value proposition.

The End Result?

Your own network of trusted connections to  exchange real-time data on shared accounts.

  • Peer-to-peer detailed trade
  • Alerts and comments from trusted peers
  • Benchmarking experiences versus each other

Your credit file grows exponentially as you add connections.  Over 2,000 credit professionals already use Credit2B.  Give us 15 minutes to show you how it works.

Experts on Demand

Your network includes our veteran industry analysts, each with over 20 years experience. Available to you on-demand for credit opinions, alerts, and just about any question on credit.

We believe having real credit experts by industry provides a layer of intelligence unparalleled in the industry.  You'll get to know this person really well as you become active in our community

Learn about what makes us unique in the industry.

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