Credit Profiles

Delivering Business Profiles from 190 Countries across the Globe.


Every Business Profile we generate is customized to you because we add your unique trusted peer network experiences - trade, alerts and benchmarks.  Whether you have an established network at the outset or not, our reports always pull in our massive trade data covering 25 plus million businesses, financials, daily bankruptcy, public filings and other critical business information you've come to expect from your third party information sources. 

We make it more interactive by ensuring that in your view of the profile, you can communicate to your individual network members who do business with that company and our veteran industry analysts. 

Some elements of our comprehensive profiles:


Critical information you need to make a credit decision - scores, credit alerts, and ratios from your peers all in one contained area of the report.  Created in consultation with credit practitioners.  

Company Information:

Everything you pick up from a credit bureau or third party data provider to include company description, key executives, parent-subsidiary information and more.

Real Trade:

Invaluable access to trade from your peers and everyone else that does business with that company.  Point and click to contact them.   Know how each customer is paying you, your network that you trust and our entire community of members whether you are connected with them or not.  Unparalleled benchmarking of your customers! 


Flexible, easy to configure, on demand.  We give you a payment index, financial risk scores, calculated credit lines and that often forgotten piece of insight - a credit opinion from an analyst. We made it really simple to configure that we can set you up in a day!  Learn more about our scores.


The Credit2B system performs all standard analytics on financials so you can eliminate the time-consuming data entry and spreadsheet work.  Credit2B gives you all the ratios, trending, and metrics you need to make a decision.

Public Companies - Automatic!

Financial data analysis for public companies is provided automatically, including year by year comparisons and calculation of critical metrics and ratios.  You can also download the data into Excel if you want to to do some custom analysis.

Private Companies - Easy

Private company financials are often provided confidentially to you, in which case the system treats them as your privileged data.  You can enter the financial data into the system, upload a formatted Excel spreadsheet, or you can upload or fax the documents to us, and we will do the data entry for you for a nominal cost.

Expect the standard financial ratio analysis, including gross margins and leverage ratios.  Input your own financials to make the financials analysis risk weighted for your business.

Finally, our industry analysts are always available to address questions about risks you may not see in a simplistic financial statement analysis.

More than a standard credit report

International Credit Profiles:

Credit2B has formed partnerships with major bureaus around the world to deliver business profiles globally through the Credit2B platform.  

Select highlights: 

  • 100 million businesses covered
  • 190 countries
  • 130 offices worldwide
  • Best of breed credit agency in each local market
  • Endorsed by leading credit insurers
  • International trade references

Some elements of our international profiles:


Company Firmagraphics:

Name, address, tax registration number, directors/principals, share capital structure, company history, and other useful information, .

Credit Recommendations:

Amount advised; the maximum amount of credit to be extended.


With rating explanation - on a risk scale from 1 to 5. There are separate codes for companies that are either in receivership, liquidation or dissolution.

Operation Details:

Multiple identifiers - for example, payment terms (selling and purchasing), number of employees, office space, bankers, trade supplier(s). 

Public Record Information:

Information obtained from public sources, such as UCC filings on record and the Register of Country Court Judgements.


Turnover, profit, export, complete balance sheets, income statements (net sales revenue, cost of goods sold, and more).

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