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Payment Quality Index  (PQI)

Likelihood that a company will pay within terms.  Measured on a scale of 0 - 100, where the best companies trend in the low 80's.  PQI is weighted based on a number of factors including past dues, past due aging, and payments over a period of time.  Use this score to also prioritize collections. Trade at the core of what we do.  We make it relevant to your industry and timely in delivery. 

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R Score

A more sophisticated measure of financial stress that takes into account financials, company history, trade data, payment scores, Z-scores, and other third party data in a weighted model. Public financials are instant, and private companies can be input by you or us.  Most importantly, we give you confidence based on the quality of the data.  You can always ask our experts or your peers when information is sparse.  We deliver this score standard or custom depending on your needs. 

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Calculated Credit Lines

Automated, seamless - we combine our proprietary data plus third party information to generate credit lines in a range.  Our ranges are based on confidence levels for recommending credit lines and are dependent on quality and freshness of the data.

Credit Guidelines

Our veteran industry analysts review all of the above to provide credit guidance.  Our human intelligence to compliment highly analytic, rules-based machine generated  numbers. 

Here's the best part about our scores - the fact that our scores are built from real trade supplier peers.  They tend to be more predictive than third party information sources!

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