Credit Workflow Solution                     

Until now...

When you had to make an important credit  decision, you looked at an old credit report with stale data,  then picked up the phone and called around the industry to get current information.

No more.

Credit2B  is a groundbreaking patent-pending solution that creates networks of trade credit professionals, and combines this with current credit bureau data, extensive trade, financial analysis and scoring.

Credit2B transforms credit management into a highly interactive experience with real-time information.

No kidding.


Starting is Easy - A Click Away

Upload your Accounts receivable file (your "portfolio") so we can append information from our vast database of business credit information and trade payment experiences - over 25 million businesses in the USA alone.  We can get you started in just minutes.

Create  Connections

Connect with others who do business with your customers, and be able to communicate with them to expand your customer knowledge.  Add as many connections as you need, including  outside your normal industry category.

Make  decisions with comprehensive data and analysis tailored just for you. On demand access to comprehensive reports, your network, and  industry analysts.  Alerts and monitoring are provided. 

Your trade information grows exponentially as you add connections.  Over 2,000 credit professionals already use Credit2B.  Give us 15 minutes to show you how it works.

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