Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the system requirements for Credit2B?

A. No client software or hardware is needed to access Credit2B, as it is a 100% cloud-based software-as-a-service product.

Q: How long is data stored on the Credit2B platform?

A. Data is archived and accessible for five years.  At this point, there is no limit on subscriber storage space.


Q: How secure is the Credit2B platform?

A. This platform has been designed with security and compliance at the forefront. It is a hosted service which is SSAE 16 and European safe harbor compliant.  Communications and connections on this platform are continuously monitored for Anti-Trust compliance by our moderators.


Q. Who are the Credit2B Moderators?

A. They are senior Credit2B customer support representatives who oversee the platform to ensure overall conformance around the latest anti-trust and related regulatory requirements, bylaws adhered to within individual networks, and to prevent users from posting inappropriate material. 

Q. How is my trade information handled on Credit2B?

A. Unlike other models, Credit2B gives you ownership of your trade information.  You upload your trade data to a secure platform for you to access.  You choose whether to build connections with others who share customers with you.  Forming new connections also unlocks the system’s ability to provide you with customized, relevant, and fresh alerts and information on your accounts.

Q: How often is information on Credit2B updated?

A. The platform is running 24/7 and so the information flow is continuous.  As we receive and validate new information, it can be posted right away and available to you, depending on how you set your communication preferences.

Q: I consider certain information about myself and my company to be private. How do I control this?

A. The Credit2B user profile feature allows you to configure the degree of your visibility to both networked and non-networked Credit2B members.  There is a mouseover function so you can see how your profile will look prior to it being made live on the network.

Q: I do not want to be inundated with requests to connect or alerts. Can Credit2B put in filters for me?

A. Yes. The user profile page has settings which allow you the select your communication settings, which includes whether you will allow connection requests, trade requests, and alerts to reach you by email.

Q. Are there other customization features I should be aware of? 

A. Yes. The ability to customize Credit2B to your business requirements is amongst its strongest features.

The user profile page enables you to define your profile content and degree of visibility to others in the network, and set a host of communication preferences.  The portfolio page allows you to customize the view of your portfolio. Credit2B's networks provide extremely high customization by allowing you to create a network centered around your business portfolio.  There are also opportunities for you to attach custom documents and notes in the platform.  These are available only to you and would not be accessible to other network members. 

Q: I cannot find a member I am looking for. Can I recommend this person to join Credit2B? 

A. We welcome the addition of your peers to the Credit2B professional network.  If the member search screen does not offer meaningful results, the Credit2B platform will offer you the option to extend an invitation to an outside professional.  Our customer support team will follow up on that invitation request and keep you fully informed on its status.

Q: What is portfolio “coverage”? How do I increase my coverage?

A. Coverage represents the percent of your customers for which Credit2B has information, including our massive trade data.

To increase your coverage of detailed trade from your peers, our system also utilizes a unique patent-pending algorithm to identify and recommend connections for you based on portfolio overlaps with your peers. 

Q: Why should I make a connection? How do I make a connection? 

A. Connections increase your portfolio coverage and allow you transparent access to sources of detailed provider-level trade credit information and insights around your common accounts, including comparative performance benchmark data.

You make a connection by submitting a connection request to a network or individual companies.  If to a network, our moderators will review your request to ensure there are no membership or compliance restrictions and then forward the acceptance to the appropriate network member and set you up as a member of the network.  Making individual connections requires a member to accept your request.

Q: What kinds of connections can I make?

A. You can make individual connections and credit network connections (formerly known as “group” connections).  If you are a current group member you will be automatically connected with your current group members.


Q: What can be posted on Credit2B?

A. This is a platform for sharing meaningful trade credit information with trusted professional connections.  We have several ways in which we control the content and assure compliance with ethical trade practices.  

Q: How do I submit trade data on this platform?

A. There is a specific format which must be followed to submit trade credit data. Our team of data specialists will work with you and your technology departments to make the data submission easy.  We have worked with many different systems and have always found a solution.

Q: How do I post a question or reply to queries? 

A. To enable you to post experiential data (submit a request, contribute insights, or to ask questions to others on this platform,) there are input buttons throughout Credit2B (“post a request”, “contact a member”, “respond”, etc).  Depending on where you are in the platform, these messages will be forwarded to either to your network community or to the Credit2B membership as a whole. 

Q: How do I obtain a report on an account I am interested in?
Do I have to order it?

A. Credit2B has been designed to provide real-time reports with the freshest and most relevant information to you.  A few clicks will allow you to obtain it.  Every screen on the platform has a company search feature.  After you have identified your account of interest using the company search feature, you will have the option to obtain a comprehensive report by clicking on that account name. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A. For questions about your subscription, please contact your account representative directly. Their name will be found on your subscription contract or email our team at:

For technical support, please contact our Credit2B customer support team at:

For general questions or suggestions about this product, please contact