How it Works?

It's a new paradigm. 

Over 2,000 credit professionals already use Credit2B.


You start in minutes with online access to millions of businesses.  Right away - search and click to view.  Upload your customer portfolio and we elegantly identify everyone else in our system that shares those customers.



Create trusted connections with those members you want in your networks. Trusted connections allow you to view each other's trade and communicate. Any industry, any geography.  No limits,  Same price.  Or consult with whole industry credit networks we host on our platform.  So why is this a big deal?  You get everything you would get in a standard credit report plus intelligence of your network and their experiences on each of those accounts.




Make decisions with Business Profiles tailored for you.  On-demand access to comprehensive reports.  Trade intelligence from the network of businesses you trust, and a highly experienced industry analyst.  Standard trade and scores, public filings, financials, and everything you get in a standard credit report.  

The old way:

You use credit bureau reports, network via credit groups, and email and telephone to get references and opinions from industry sources - more or less the same way it has been done for over 100 years.  

Now, with Credit2B, the first real innovation in business credit management in decades, we combine all of those sources plus a great deal more in a very powerful, easy-to-use internet solution.

  • You  select trusted connections  you want in or outside your  industry, and with whom you want to  share alerts and data on common customers
  • Our patent-pending technology continuously recommends others within or outside of your industry based on commonality of customers
  • We establish a painless, automated process to add your accounts receivable data (just like you might do with credit bureaus), and your network connections, plus information from third party providers
  • You access comprehensive customized credit reports based on your network, with alerts and  continuous account monitoring

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