Managed Services  

Order-to-Cash Services and Automation
through Smyyth

Smyyth solutions can be long-term or project-scope, and comprehensive or targeted to problem areas, with fast turnkey implementation and seamless integration with your systems. They can effectively support any of your order-to-cash processes. Improve results, cut costs.

  • Credit
  • Collections
  • Deductions
  • Cash Application
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Reconciliation
  • Sales Tax Certificate

Smyyth is committed to the very highest ethical standards maintaining your company's professional and public image while meeting all of your collection requirements.  Commercial Law League and CCAA Certified.

Deductions Accounts Receivable

Credit2B can provide end-to-end Accounts Receivable Management services through its affiliate Smyyth LLC.  Employing the automation and power of CARIXA™ and expert management and staff, Smyyth can solve a targeted short term backlog, a specific function such as deduction management, or a long-term comprehensive enterprise order-to-cash solution. 


  • Credit Management
  • Collection
  • Deduction Resolution 
  • Reconciliation
  • Cash Application
  • Returns Administration
  • Sales Tax Certificates 


By utilizing these services, you can expect outstanding customer service, reduction in overhead costs, and often vastly improved performance. Smyyth passes on the knowledge gained to your team.  CARIXA technology automates all routine operations, so Smyyth's expert staff can focus on exceptions and high-priority tasks.

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