Credit Scores

Credit Scoring

We’ve taken the pain out of scoring.  Predictive and adaptive because it adjusts to macro and micro trends.  Comprehensive as it draws on more data sources.  But it is also easily customizable to your policies, and intuitive to operate. Our scores are always calculated with live current data.

Credit2B advanced risk scoring technology is powerful, logical, and transparent, plus fully customizable to match your company’s policies, risk appetite, and objectives. Implementation is fast and affordable. It is seamless to integrate, enabling credit decisioning in a controlled, disciplined environment whether integrated with online credit application processing or as a portfolio risk management tool. Unlike others, our scores incorporate recent global credit application activity and all current, relevant industry trade credit exposure trends and payment experiences. As a result, we believe our scores to be more predictive than other information sources.

Credit2B – R Score™ is a sophisticated scoring methodology using Machine Learning techniques using a number of variables including financials (Z-score elements and more), history, trade data, public filings, payment alerts and industry specific data from third parties.  Public financials are automatic, and privates easily input or integrated through our automated ECOS™ credit application .  The R-Score uses a disciplined training environment to adjust weights in real time based on all these factors and has proven to be highly predictive of insolvencies and bankruptcies.  You can also customize the R-Score model by adding variables and risk adjust the weights to generate your own custom R-Scores and credit lines based on your company’s risk policy.  Learn more about the R-Score.

Credit2B – Payment Quality Index uses our massive, real-time industry trade data. It predicts the likelihood that a company will pay within terms.  Measured on a scale of 0 – 100, where the best companies trend in the low 80’s.  Trade is at the core of what we do.  We make it relevant to your industry and timely in delivery. Scores and trending can be used to suggest smaller credit lines, prioritize collection activities, and identify your cash flow opportunity by comparing your customer DSO vs. your industry. Learn more about PQI (Payment Quality Index).

Credit2B – ACL™ Automated Credit Line Generation

Automated, seamless – we combine our proprietary data plus third-party information to calculate credit lines in ranges based on confidence levels for quality and freshness of the data. This automated credit decision service is perfect for your smaller customers, as well as for larger exposures, since it incorporates your company’s policy and risk positions.

Score Customization

Our credit solutions team can work with you to optimize the scoring parameters and credit line calculations to provide guidance throughout the entire process.   Our guidance is based on best-practices acquired over many such implementations.  We provide scores in real-time to any enterprise system if needed.

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