Credit2B drives accurate and timely financial decisions by connecting trade creditors to their business customers as well as other trade suppliers, empowering those creditors to assess risk through critical financial data, shared trade experiences and public filings. Our integrated solution includes online credit apps, e-references, private financials, scores, bureau data, alerts, peer benchmarks and data automation. 

We combine both structured and unstructured data to uncover hidden credit trends and risk patterns for an innovative credit solution,  and do it within a flexible as well as highly secured cloud information technology environment. Credit2B represents innovation you can believe in.

Credit2B - Credit Reinvented

The Credit2B  groundbreaking platform dramatically improves the quality, cost and delivery of business credit information with a secure and scalable data cloud computing backbone.

We have integrated the critical credit bureau data with extensive real-time industry trade and connected the real experts - that is,  you and  trusted peers in the credit community.  

With CREDIT2B you can:

With Credit2B, you can quickly identify the credit worthiness and payment habits of your customers.

  • Interact with your industry peers in real time
  • Benchmark your accounts receivable credit exposures against
    others in the trade
  • Manage your credit workflow
  • Get real-time updates and alerts
  • Make better decisions, faster

Our mission is to provide our clients better, timely, more relevant and highly accessible credit information at incredibly affordable prices.

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