Our Mission is simple: To empower accurate and timely business decisions by connecting the trade credit experiences of every supplier in the world.

Credit2B - Credit Reinvented

The Credit2B  groundbreaking platform dramatically improves the quality, cost and delivery of business credit information with a secure and scalable data cloud computing backbone.

We have integrated the critical credit bureau data with extensive real-time industry trade and connected the real experts - that is,  you and  trusted peers in the credit community.  

With CREDIT2B you can:

With Credit2B, you can quickly identify the credit worthiness and payment habits of your customers.

  • Interact with your industry peers in real time
  • Benchmark your accounts receivable credit exposures against
    others in the trade
  • Manage your credit workflow
  • Get real-time updates and alerts
  • Make better decisions, faster

Our mission is to provide our clients better, timely, more relevant and highly accessible credit information at incredibly affordable prices.

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